Benefits of RFID Inventory Management System in a Warehouse


Inventory management in every warehouse is essential to ensure every product is counted and accounted for. This enhances a smooth flow of the business, as well as prevents loss of products through several ways. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an inventory system that allows more comfortable handling and tracking of their inventory right from the [production stage to the point where the products are released to the customers. RFID reads the tag on the product and data translated using special software. There are several benefits of using RFID inventory management as outlined below:

Use of RFID reduces the cost of labor. Once the tags are read, the information on the tag will automatically be generated using the allocated computer software, eliminating the need for having workers to read and record data manually. Additionally, the same labels can be read from a distance, remotely, thus, saving time. Check out this site to know more.

Use of RFID tags ensures that there is no overstocking or under-stocking of products. The warehouse can identify when there the levels of inventory need to be restocked, thus ensuring there is no shortage of products at any one time. Additionally, at no time will there be no stock as the use of RFID inventory management shows when there is a need to restock each particular product.

Cases of fraud and mishandling of inventory is significantly reduced. When the stock is handled manually, there are high chances of stock theft as well as mishandling. RFID system ensures that all this is reduced considerably. When it comes to stock counting, RFID system facilitates the inventory counting process. The tags indicated on the pallets are scanned, and the same data reflects on the computer software. Stock counting process, therefore, becomes fast, reducing the labor costs involved in hiring workers to manually count the stock as well as cutting the hours of downtime, when the warehouse has to be closed to allow for stock take.

RFID inventory management system allows the warehouse to maintain quality control by helping in tracking the products that have a limited shelf life. This ensures that no product is released to the customer once it has exceeded its expiry date.

Use of RFID is efficient. Once the warehouse receives an order to discharge goods, the RFID tag allows the picker to pick the correct item, and the same product is automatically deducted from the inventory records. No time is wasted in looking for the product manually and subtracting the same from the inventory records manually. To get started, click here.


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